Friday, August 24, 2012


It is  awesome that FYR is a body, mind and spirit program; all have to be in harmony for us to attain the best life we can ever have. That said, today's topic is very valid, how do you mend a broken heart? How do you let go of that pain that keeps nagging at your heart strings. It wasn't long ago when you vowed you'd never love again and no sooner had you said it than you went and did it again! By God! you went and did it again! will you ever learn? These are the questions we ask ourselves when we are grieving the death of a relationship. Before I list a few steps on how to soothe your broken heart, please never give up on love, I promise there is always a BETTER LOVE (might sound untrue based on my poem below but deep in my heart I believe this to be true)

1) CRY. It is okay to cry, do not ration your tears, they are there to wash and renew your soul and make it shinny again.

2) LAUGH. Get on the comedy band wagon, not into comedies? just try it. Laugh, find a way and a reason to laugh, even if you have to laugh at yourself, laugh then cry and then laugh and then cry again but please laugh. Laughter is the magic dust that reminds us that we are alive and we can feel some amount of joy or happiness even if it's just for a few minutes.

3)  PRAY. Find solace in the words of the ultimate lover, the One whose words never fail, whose arms are around you even though you can't feel them, whose lips just kissed your cheeks even though you can't feel it, just pray, don't want to pray or feel like praying? ask someone to pray for you or with you.

4) FACE IT. Never sweep  it under the rug or go around it, you walk through it, walk through the fire and get purged, you will come out stronger than before.

5) FILL THE EMPTINESS PROPERLY. Only you can make yourself happy, not food, not someone, nothing but beautiful you. Affirm it daily "Only I can make myself happy, this job is all mine and no one else's" If you leave that job to someone else you will ALWAYS be disappointed, always, do not expect, expectation is a self-inflicted pain.

6) REALIZE YOUR STRENGTHS. Know thyself. Find a pen and paper and write down all that you know is true and beautiful about yourself and be content and proud to be who and what you are (that is, if you're truly a good person, yup, not some parasite or snob)

7) IMMERSE YOURSELF INTO YOUR PASSION. What are those things that make you feel good when you do them? List them all and start tackling them one after the other.

8) REACH OUT. Call a friend, your mom, your sister or brother, reach out to someone and let them help ease your pain by comforting and supporting you.

9) WORK IT OUT. Exercise has always been it for me especially now since I've taken up running. When I used to do Taebo, I would visualize myself kicking and punching 'that person' in the face and it felt great. What kind of exercise do you like, find something that can release those endorphins and help pump out that 'feel good' hormone.

10) HELP SOMEONE ELSE. Sometimes helping someone else who is going through what you're going through or a similar situation, it helps forget your own pain for a while and it feels great being able to help someone else.

11) BECOME YOUR OWN GENIE. Yes, you can become your own genie, what do you want? what do you wish for, a new world? new faces? go for it, create it and enjoy it.

12) LOVE AGAIN. I have never been the kind to give up on love, it is not in my nature because the very nature of me and you is LOVE, we were created by Love (GOD), we are love, so running from it is like running from yourself and you can't run from yourself can you? Hope, always hope that you will get the love you deserve, never let the stupidity of one person or the failure of one relationship keep you from finding a true, long and lasting love and when you love, love deeply with all your heart.

by Bernice Angoh

Some hearts are too fragile to be loved that even a kiss
may cause them to crumble.
Some hearts are too near perfect to behold
that mortal man with all his good intentions still falls short.
Some  hearts can only be loved by God, those hearts that
never seem to find a place in the world.
Some hearts are already broken at birth, and through time wider and
wider their gaps grow. Those are the hearts capable of unfathomable love
for they are wide open to give and wide open to receive.
Some hearts  were meant to stand alone for they have no true match
Some hearts were meant to walk by their lonesome
and true love may never be their ransom.

Copyright (c)  2012 Bernice Angoh