Monday, June 8, 2015

How to Have the Best Day of Your Life--Everyday

"Today’s going to be the best day of my life."
  1. Speak UP!
When I wake up each morning, I say out loud “Today’s going to be the best day of my life.” Somehow it sets a positive mood in my mind and when I say it, I truly believe it, I try to connect with what I’m saying emotionally by visualizing a truly beautiful day.
I also do a lot of visualization during my meditation. I always thought meditation would bore me stiff until I started practicing it. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to meditate just like you don’t have to be religious to pray.
I meditate for five to ten minutes and what I basically do is speak out positive affirmations (don’t judge me if I’m not doing it right. It works for me and that’s all that matters) I basically say the things I want for myself, those things that are contagious enough to reach those around me. I have a long list but here a few I say to myself out loud:
  • I am kind
  • I am loving
  • I am loveable
  • I am trustworthy
  • I am compassionate and empathetic
  • I am a gift to everyone I come across
  • I am full of light: anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and self-pity have no place to reside within me
  • I am more than good enough, I deserve all the good things that come my way
  • I will never give up on my dreams no matter how long it takes. Time is just an illusion
  • I know I can find a solution to every problem I encounter. I won’t allow anyone steal my joy, my peace or my sanity.
  • I am in complete charge of how my life turns out, I am my own painter and my masterpiece is slowly revealing itself.
 2. Read UP!
 I follow several of my ‘positive thinking’ and ‘personal growth’ boards on Pinterest. On days when I am pressed for time all I do is scroll through and I tell you those little nuggets of positivity are just as fulfilling as reading a whole chapter of a great book.
Most of the people I’m connected to on LinkedIn share some great and uplifting quotes as well, I appreciate every last one of them.  And on most days the things I read are just what I need to remind me that all is well.
 Love listening to music? Find your favorite ‘happy’ song or songs and listen to while you’re going through your morning routine or during the day when you start to feel a dip in your energy level.
 Another thing I like to do is dance. It’s amazing how one intentional act can change your whole mood. By god, we all have to fight to be happy, so if you must burst into dance wherever you are to get your spirits back up, do it. Refuse to stay down for too long.
3. Act UP!
Do something good. Isn’t it lovely how it feels great to do something good for someone else?
  • Give someone your spot on the grocery line
  • Pay a compliment to the teller or the person next to you on the bus
  • Call someone and remind them how much they’re loved
  • Offer a smile, a hug, do something to put a smile on someone’s face and feel your heart burst with joy.
4. Eat UP!
It is no secret that what you put into your body directly affects the quality of your energy.
  • Eat regularly. Don’t miss meals
  • Eat more nutrient-dense foods like vegetables (organic is best when you can afford it)
  • Stay away from fatty and fried foods, highly processed foods and sugar
  • Don’t over eat
  • Drink plenty of water  
 5. Look UP! (Practice Gratitude)
Growing up, my mother always impressed upon us the importance of being content with what we have. We were not allowed to share clothes or borrow clothes from friends. She taught us not envy what others’ had. It was a beautiful lesson to learn from an early age.
 Most Christmases, we were just happy enough to spend it with family and friends. We knew that when mom had money she got us something, but when money was tight we offered acts of service to one another like, iron someone’s shirt, write someone a poem, polish someone else’s shoes or do someone’s chores. I will never forget how much more wonderful it was to do those little things for each other.
Most days we would cook and visit the less fortunate in our city and give them food and toiletries. We were not rich but whatever little we had, mother taught us to share with those who had none at all.
 Gratitude is the answer to all your treasures, the key to abundance in spirit. On days I start to complain, I remember these:
  • I am alive
  • I have eyes to see
  • I have ears to ear
  • I can walk and dance and sing
  • I have friends and family who care and love me
  • I have food to eat
  • A roof over my head
  • Light, clean water and clothes to cover my nakedness
  • I can count my blessings
 6. Give it UP! (Practice Forgiveness)
 We all know why it is important to forgive those who’ve wronged us. You don’t have to wait for someone to apologize before you forgive them. It is never easy but it’s worth it when you can forgive fast enough before it starts to poison your soul.  And once your soul is poisoned it will reach every other area in your life.
 But the BIGGEST unforgiveness we harbor is that for self. Most of us bear that heavy load upon our backs like some punishment or substitute for penance. How do you fly with such a burden weighing down on you? How do you soar when your feet are chained to the floor?
 Learn to forgive yourself of past mistakes. Remember that you will hurt someone and someone will hurt you, no one is immune to that. As long as you don’t go out of your way to deliberately destroy someone’s life, you can rest assured that life will happen against our best laid plans. Life is messy and human beings can be messier.
Say to yourself (out loud) I forgive myself. Next time I will do better because I know what not to do.”
 Forgiving yourself frees you from shame and guilt and self-pity, the three musketeers of stagnation.

 7. Sweat it Out
 Exercise is one of my favorite highs. It releases endorphins, you know, those feel-good hormones that makes you feel invincible.  I’m not going to elaborate on this point but I will gladly refer you to Mr. & Mrs. Google, they can direct you to tons of information about the benefits of exercise and so forth.
 8. Love: GOOD love
Nothing uplifts the spirits like talking or spending quality time with people you care about and who care about you too.
  • Pick up the phone and call a friend
  • Meet up for tea or coffee
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Watch your children play
  • Watch your partner smile
  • Plan a surprise get-away in the middle of your living room or bedroom
There is no medicine like good love, the kind that makes you feel safe and free.  And if you don’t have someone to spend time with, you have you. Spoil yourself, fall in love with yourself, after all, all other loving comes from the overflow of loving oneself.
 9. Do What You Enjoy Doing
What is it that you would do even if you were paid very little to do it?
 Yes, we all have bills to pay and most of us have jobs we don’t particularly enjoy doing but it’s a way to take care of our basic needs. Be grateful for that.
 But take time during the day and do that thing that burns inside of you. You know, the one for which they call you a ‘dreamer’.
 As a writer, I spend at least 15-20 minutes a day writing, even if it’s to write down my thoughts. When I’m not writing, I’m reading or doing some other thing I love and thoroughly enjoy doing. It is very important that I do this every day.
 If you can’t do the thing you’re passionate about, plan toward it. Just do one thing every day towards that goal.
 10. Assess Your Day
 Throughout the day take a few moments to assess your thoughts. Catch those negative thoughts before they take root. Watch your thoughts watch you. Be the observer. Your thoughts are like little missiles carrying within them life or death. Learn to see and stop those deadly negative thoughts before they invade your mind.
 You are your own armor and your own weapon.
 At the end of the day, do exactly what you did in the beginning, SPEAK UP! Speak your positive affirmations out loud, meditate/assess your day and visualize the next day.
 Take nothing negative with you to bed, only the positive things that happened during the day.
 Remember that the next day you will be reborn and you have a chance to do it all over, and differently, if you so choose. 
Say to yourself "I am thankful for this day. I did the best I could do. All is well.”

Bernice Angoh
No matter how hard you try
You can never steal my joy
Because I will fight, fight, fight to be happy
Between the lines and on my face you'll never know the height of my pain
Because I fight, fight, fight to be happy
Your negativity may dimple, poke and sometimes burst my bubble
But you'll never see me cry
Because I'll fight, fight, fight to be happy
I am joy radiated, love personified
Fool me, lie to me, and break me
But you’ll never destroy me
Because I’ll fight, fight, fight to be happy
And just so you know, I’ve had a lifetime worth of practice
Of fighting with all I’ve got TO BE HAPPY


Sunday, May 31, 2015


Are you one of the many who've been procrastinating since the year began-- and now summer is barely 21 Days away? 
You can still slim down before June 21st and here's how:
-It makes you fuller faster.
-Increases your metabolic rate.
-Helps flush out toxins from your body ( I drink my water with a squeeze of lemon and cayenne pepper first thing in the morning).

- Fruits and vegetable juices are great for breakfast, takes very little time to digest but keeps you energized and satiated.

-Use dried fruits, dates, organic maple syrup, honey, stevia or agave to sweeten.
-If you crave salt, use dulse flakes, braggs amino acids, or dried celery flakes. You can also eat strawberries or mangoes, they have enough sodium to soothe your cravings.
-Himalayan salt is the best quality salt I know and use. Unlike regular table salt whose minerals have been bleached out, Himalayan salt still has all its elements.

4. AVOID DAIRY PRODUCTS (if you must then buy organic but you can do without it, at least for the next 21 days)
-Collard greens, broccoli, almonds are all great sources of calcium
-Have big salads with your meals
5. AVOID ALL 'WHITE' FOODS and products that contain them
- White sugar, rice, breads etc
-Substitute that side of potato or rice with some steamed or raw vegetables instead
-Some zucchini pasta or kelp noodles can replace spaghetti

-Teas or water is fine (trust me you'll feel less lethargic when you wake up in the morning)

-One of the quickest and safest ways to lose weight is to eat more raw foods.
-You could do raw until dinner and then have some cooked food.
-Raw-vegan foods include fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.
-Raw food contains live enzymes which are denatured by heat when we cook.
-Live enzymes help cleanse the body and get rid of waste.
-Eating 70-80% raw will yield tons of benefits to your health, you only need to try it for a few days to feel the difference.

-Please refer to my article titled 'Stress: The silent killer'
-Most people respond to stress by overeating.
-Do more things that make you happy.
-Cultivate positive thoughts.
-Exercising 3 times a week is enough. Remember that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.
-Find an activity you enjoy doing: Walking, jogging, swimming, running, rowing, cycling etc
-Excess weight is caused by excessive waste in the body and calories the body can't use.
-Do a juice fast, go vegan for a week, meatless for a day or two each week or better yet.
***If you're really serious, I highly recommend you do the FYR 21-Day detox (Click this link to buy both e-Books with recipes for every meal of the 21 days. You don't have to wonder what to eat and what not to eat. Click HERE to purchase your ticket to a slimmer you by summer)
Flour-less Chocolate Brownies (Raw-vegan)
1 cup coconut oil, melted
1 cup cacao powder
1 cup organic maple syrup (I use grade B)
1/2 tsp almond extract (optional)
1 cup chopped almonds, chopped hazel nuts and dried cranberries
1 Tbsp coconut macaroons (optional)


Blend first four ingredients in a food processor with an 'S' blade until smooth.
Transfer mixture into a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients except coconut macaroons and mix.
Pour into 9' inch glass dish and top with the coconut macaroons.
Cover with aluminium foil and place in freezer for about 45 minutes to an hour.
Take out of freezer and using a pizza cutter, slice brownie into desired squares for easy access.
Enjoy with a glass of almond milk. Save the rest for later in freezer. 


Friday, May 22, 2015

Before You Utter Another Complain Today, Read This!

Imagine a time in your life when you've been so desperate for change that you could have done anything--things you weren't proud of--just to make it through

Imagine going many days and weeks without food, without shelter, without clean water

Imagine being raped by someone you know and then shunned when you dare to speak up

Imagine being born with a target on your back just because you fall under a particular gender--female

Have you ever been called a failure, a loser, a good-for-nothing, useless?

Have you ever lost all hope and found yourself almost on the verge of suicide?

Every second, somewhere around the world, there is a girl or a woman being paralyzed by violence, hunger, poverty, illiteracy and judgement.

According to Amnesty International, 1 in 3 women will experience violence in her life time.

Women Thrive Worldwide emphasizes that ANY abuse or violence against women is too many.

Life as a woman doesn't have to be so hard, yet it is for most of the girls in several under privileged communities.

One of the many examples where you can find such communities is in Cameroon, West Africa.

We Can Change This Picture:

With the last population percentage of women in Cameroon measured at 50.02 in 2012 and a healthy life expectancy of 45, Cameroon now holds an unemployment rate of 30% and an estimated 48% living below the poverty line.

A whooping 7 out of 10 young people are under employed with the majority of them being women.

It is disappointing to know that 55% of the poor in Cameroon live in rural areas with half of these being women under the age of 15.

You Can Help Make a Difference:

A woman is the cornerstone of her community. She is mother of all. A pillar and the backbone of society.

A woman can incite change like no other. Investing in the life of a girl is where it all begins.

But all these changes begin with a seed, a seed of empowerment: Giving girls back their dignity, raising them with skills and confidence to plow their own way through life.

It Starts With Just ONE GIRL:

For girls like Matilda Neuni, Ahani Petra and Getrude Naluwe, life was bleak until hope arrived in the form of a caring STRANGER who knew their story so very well. Irene Mangem of Emerge With Irene, is a Cameroonian philanthropist whose sole mission and purpose is to give abused and rejected girls a second chance in life.


The fight in one woman is unparalleled to the fight in an army of men.

The storm in the right girl is bigger than the greatest tsunami in the Ring of fire.


In each of these stories, which you may or may not have experienced, you will see a reflection of yourself.

It is not as distant a reality as you may think if you just imagined "What if that were me?"

One woman's fight is every woman's fight.

And the victory of a single girl is a victory not only for every woman but an entire human race.



Sunday, March 22, 2015

My PALEO Grubs

It's good to be back to FYR, time away has has been extremely productive and exciting. Hope  you've all been doing great as well.

I decided to try the PALEO way of eating for a little while and I have been enjoying it so far. I decided to take a break from my projects to tease your eyes with some delicious food:

Pan-seared Tilapia and baked Asparagus
 Pan-seared Tilapia

I use bragg's 24-herbs blend for my fish, it's that simple, I don't have to add anything else except maybe a sprinkle of salt. 1 tsp of coconut oil on medium heat and fish should be done in about 10 minutes.

Baked Asparagus:

Cut off woody end of asparagus,
Sprinkle asparagus with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil
Bake at 425 degree for 20 minutes.
Cayenne pepper dusted Mango and almond slices (great snack)

I felt like eating something that resembles our meals back home: Spinach and turkey with boiled ripe plantains

Delectable Green Smoothie

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Unstoppable

Quotes to Remember: