Monday, November 30, 2009

Mama's Here!

I have not seen my mother in six years, so you bet it was an unforgettable reunion. I will never forget the moment at the airport when she wrapped her hands around me and held me for about 10 minutes while just praying, singing and praising God for that moment in time. I love this woman, she is unstoppable and has a strength like no other. I was looking at her face the other day, you know wondering where she hid all her wrinkles. 50 years old and looking like my older sister.
Before she came we had decided that whatever medications she was taking for her Asthma would have to be discarded by the time she returns in 4 months. I had to make my younger sister promise that she will go with my plan for my mother when she's living with her for a while. The plan is no dairy and absolutely no flesh food. My mom, Diana, says she will do what I plan out for her because she wants to lose some extra weight and lose the medications. I believe that she can overcome anything. I can't wait to record her progress.
The first day we all went out walking and soaked in some vitamin D. I know it's going to be a little hard for her but she knows it's something she has to do. I am very happy she is so open minded, it will make my job very easy. So, yesterday she tried her first green smoothie. I made it extra sweet:
Mom's Welcome into the green smoothie world:
1/2 head of green lettuce
3 ripe bananas
2 tsp coconut oil
1 cup of water.
She will get the hand of it, lol, I feel a little bad for her, she doesn't know what she's gotten herself into *evil laughter* She'll be fine. So we are taking before pictures, weight and all the whole nine yards. I am super excited to watch her get healthier....
Nina and Grandma Ara.....

To Make You beautiful Again...
(a poem I wrote a while ago before my mom came)

I can't remember how you smell
and it scares me
I can't remember how it feels to be in your arms
and it taunts me
When I hear your voice all weak and lost
my fragile heart bleeds just a little bit more
Time, time, time, time can be a cruel master
he has stretched you
and robbed you
hurt you and ridiculed you
oh, the things you've been through mama
the things you've seen
the ordeals you've endured
you've always been that pillar of strength for everyone
now it's time to take care of you
let me take care of you
brush your hair and make you soup
Embrace me, embrace me Mama
stain me with the scent of you
hug me till I'm out of breath
let me love you and make you beautiful again--
place a dozen lilies on the crown of your head
let me love you, your heart and even your bones too.

Copyright © 2009 Bernice Angoh
* I am so happy I have the chance to do all these things now and more..."

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Days that Surround Thanksgiving

I went bowling the day before Thanksgiving for the very first time. Believe it or not, I did pretty good for an amateur. Rick,the perfectionist, did pretty awesome, Wanneh, the underdog, slowly made her way to the top while cool quiet Danielle impressed us with her sleek swipes. The top two battling for the game were David and Mark Jenkins but Mark swept the board by a landslide for all the games we played. I learned something though that might help you the next time you go bowling; walk really close to the left side of the flat surface on which you throw the ball and then swing your ball unto the surface, I noticed it almost always gets all 10 pins down or at least 9, lol. Little tip there huh? Let me know how it works for you.
Mark and Wanneh, Rick and I

Me and Wanneh

I woke up on Thanksgiving morning and went out for a 20 minute jog. The air was crisp and clean and it filled my lungs and gave them It was a great way to begin my day. No day is great without a tasty-nutritious green smoothie, you know, the green muddy drink that makes your body sing? Rick had the biggest glass, I like giving him more because he enjoys it so much plus I eat green throughout the day while he eats his vegan delights.
Thanksgiving wake-up smoothie:
1 head of green or red lettuce
3 ripe bananas
1 ripe pear
2 Tbsp flax seeds
1 Tbsp coconut butter/oil
1.5 cups of water
This is one of my favorite appetizers, that means I have to make more Apple-fennel-ginger juices so I can use the pulp. I am sure I can create one without having to make the juice but I tell you, the consistency might not be the same and also, I think I must want to keep making the juice. Anyone would love this juice even the most resistant SAD person. This, I took with me to the Thanksgiving dinner.

Here's the second thing I made, just assorted fruits, your choice of course. I then sprinkled it with crushed raw cashews and some unsweetened dried coconut shreds, ohhhhhhh YUmmama!!!! I was very happy that every kid at the party wanted some of this, they thought it looked 'so beautiful' and that was such a compliment, made me smile. There were no left overs with this one.

This, I made with lots of love. I could actually feel the love leave me a I prepared this salad. The colors made me smile and the variety of veggies hmm, I was salivating while making this. So what's in this?
Thanksgiving Grateful Salad
2 handfuls of mixed baby springs
1 cup baby spinach
2-4 cucumbers, thinly sliced
3 carrots, julienned
1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced
1 green bell pepper, thinly sliced
1 yellow squash, julienned
1 zucchini, julienned
3 medium plum tomatoes, diced
1/2 cup of currants
1/2 cup of dried cranberries
2 tbsp sesame seeds, sprinkled on top
Mama Mia! that's what I said after I tried this with my very simple dressing;
1/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup raw apple cider vinegar
2 Tbsp dulse

This was the least touched dish on the table, and yes there was so much of it left over and I thought Yeah, more for me! I can't live without my greens any more, I just can't my body cries out for it.
Papa J, Mark, Rick and Chris Nichols

Around the table: Rick's Tofurky is right after those green sparkling celery sticks

Nina and Savi

We had such a fun time. The food was great and everyone ate to their fill. I hope they also ate to their health. There were smiles everywhere and I was so thankful that we have such wonderful friends who let us join them on this wonderful celebration. You can share a table with your non-vegan friends and family and get along great with everyone respecting each other's choice of food. That's what makes the world go round.
The evening ended with much more fun as we played the Family Feud game. It was the Jenkins against the Lakota-Nichols, can't remember who won this one but having the kids involved--even little Savi and Nina--made it so enjoyable.
The last rounds was for the adults and teens only and it was men against women and you know how this went down, women won!!!!! We have to give it up to our incomparable judge, Mark Jenkins, who constantly kept us on our toes with very intriguing questions. On the women's team Kyra, 14 and Danielle, 14 saved the day more than once. Kyra especially impressed me with her knowledge all the features on the dollar bill, without her the men would have stolen the game because my Rick--who is super-duper intelligent--was ready for the kill.
Let's not forget David, Danielle's father, who kept coming over to the ladies' side, his sense of humour was infectious. Thanks David! Mama J saved us once or twice and Papa J was the silent audience.
Thanksgiving is all about what the word stands for; giving thanks. Thanks for the wonderful friends and family. Thanks for life, for the breath we breath, thanks for the bounties of a very loving and mighty God, thanks for those things we miss each day, for our spouses and children, for our failures and accomplishments, thanks for good health, eyesight, speech, legs to walk, hands to work, ears to listen, a sane brain to discern and understand, thanks for being able to recognize the things we should be grateful for. That is what Thanksgiving is all about.
We should give thanks everyday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

My Beet -the-carrot-ap juice and Apple-fennel-ginger juice. This is the stuff good life is made of!

I woke up this morning with a bbbbbbbbbbbang :-) Did my 20 minutes of walk with Nina and another 20 minutes of cardio and weight training. Today I decided to make Alexa's Apple-fennel-ginger juice. This is by far my favorite juice ever and the sweet aroma when you're juicing it is so intoxicating. Anise rocks!

8 organic red delicious apples, de-seeded, washed and skins left on and diced
1 fennel bulb, with all the trimmings, juice everything.
2 Tbsp ginger (I love ginger so I put a lot)

With the pulp I came up with that fabulous pate below. I figured why waste when you can get two meals out of one? Nina can't get enough of the pate with some celery sticks, she wants me to make it everyday, lol. What a healthy-delicious appetizer!

Beet-the-carrot-ap Juice
Yes, you can go ahead and beat the carrot up for a day, lol-- I like the name-- or beet-it-ap like I did.
5 Lbs bag organic carrots
1 red delicious apple
1/2 to 1 whole beet, peeled and sliced

This has a nice burgundy color to it and tastes YUUUUUUUUUmmiiii hmm

Be happy on Thanksgiving Day. Do yourself a favor this time around and don't overeat, because if you do, it will not be a happy Thanksgiving but a sad one. Start your day with your regular 30 to 1 hour of cardio or circuit training or whatever form of exercise you do. This is a proper way to start your day and you will find out that you won't eat quite as much as you did in the past years. Did you know that on average, people gain an excess of five pounds over the holiday period? Let's add this up: It means you are eating at least 3,500 calories or more a day. At 1 pound a day, it's no wonder the scale cries after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You might want to remember that it is not all about the food and remember why this day is celebrated.

Make smaller portions of food instead.

Substitute stuffing for vegetable medley.

Serve yourself on the smallest plate.

Always eat a big bowl of salad before you eat anything else, it will help keep you satiated and also aid in digestion.

Skip desert and eat it much later.

Drink water or freshly made juices instead of all the other choices.

When you serve yourself, remember that your stomach is as big as your fist. Make sure your plate is more than half way filled with more live/raw foods.

Do not combine starches and protein on the same plate: basic chemistry, they both require different digestive juices to digest them and a base and and acid neutralize or cancel each other out and hence digestion is put to a halt and food begins to putrefy--and then it goes down hill from there. Remember the gas, heart burns, bloating and food coma you felt last year? Help yourself, challenge yourself to start eating right this Thanksgiving, New Year is too far away. This is one of those times when all raw/vegans can rest assured about what we eat. When you live a raw/vegan lifestyle this is rarely a concern. We can feast and party with the best of them and end up with no weight gained and no food comas. It is BLISS being a raw/vegan.

We have been invited by our very good friends for Thanksgiving and it will be a wonderful feast and celebration. You can still eat together with people who don't practice the same lifestyle as you. While they will be cooking up a storm and making some of their great dishes, Rick will be making a vegan tofurky, mashed potato and gravy and I will make the fruits and veggies platter and some rawmazing deserts! I may also make some raw pumpkin pie for tomorrow. For my dinner I will make some raw/vegan patties and some flax seed bread, as you can tell I will be having a feast as well. I can't wait.

Apple-fennel Pate
1 heaping cup of pulp left over from apple-fennel-ginger juice
1/3 cup safflower oil
1/3 cup raw apple cider vinegar ( I like Braggs)
1/2 avocado
Put all ingredients into a food processor and blend till smooth.
This is very mouth watering and filling when eaten with some fresh celery sticks, it is sweet and sour and will keep you full between meals.
Make the right choice everyday. Tomorrow is another to prove to yourself what you're made of! Be kind to your body.
Stay blessed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The human body is phenomenal. To think that with all the abuse it gets from us through living an unhealthy lifestyle, it can still be transformed to what we want it to become is simply phenomenal. Our bodies easily adapt to what we put it through--but not without consequences like in the case of not eating the right foods.

We have all been to that place of fear, where you think you can never do what I am doing in the picture above. But I tell people they can, you can do it with persistence and consistence in your daily routine. No matter what we do we can find time to squeeze in a little exercise, if it is a priority of course. Ten minutes of exercise is better than a day of no exercise at all. By exercise I mean physical activity; it could be working around the house, walking, squats by the sink when doing the dishes or actually setting time to do it. Eating right without exercising could be as detrimental as eating the wrong food and exercising. Those two components, eating right and exercising are both beneficial to ones health and you can do it!

Nina and Mommy with their bunny aprons
It is always helpful to have a support system at home and at work. Let your family and friends know that you've made a decision to start living and eating consciously and if they are good friends and family, they will support you. My daughter, Nina, keeps me on my toes, when I have my lazy days and don't feel like exercising, she reminds me that I cannot give up on my myself and that I must keep my words. If you are a mom you know that alone is enough motivation to do something-- we want to be a good example. If you have no one at home or at work, keep a log book or a diary.

Our Youngest FYR member: Nina Lakota
I have heard people say "Yuck, green smoothie, never will i put that thing in my body." I know they say this because they don't know any better but my friends, ignorance can kill you. Ignorance can be the difference between living and dying. When I watch them eat hot dogs , I want to say " Yuck, do you have any idea what you 're putting into your body, how that was made, what it is made of and what havoc--overtime--it can cause to your system?" but most people would be offended if I said that. On the other hand, people have no restrain when you tell them how you've chosen to eat live foods as opposed to dead and decayed foods, they have many 'wise' things to say to you and you can imagine that they think you are a freak. I have had that before but all I felt was sympathy for that person...If only they knew better, if they only could accept the truth.
The New Year is almost here and many of us write long lists if resolution that we must keep, but after March most go back to doing what they used to do and it is not because they don't want to achieve everything on that list. There is only one main reason why people fail: Discipline is the main reason. There may be winners who aren't disciplined but there are no disciplined people who are not winners. By winners I mean in different aspects of their lives. You have to learn how to like reading, to be a leader you must be a reader.
Make friends with those whom you want to emulate. Be disciplined and tell you what, it is boring but it is those boring, redundant little things you do everyday that will get you to achieve your goals; little things like waking up and starting your day with a glass of water instead of coffee, eating fruits or green smoothies instead of eggs, bacon and sausages, choosing to go for the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to the corner video store instead of driving there. We must all make choices and those choices will determine your outcome.

I hope this gets you motivated to start this New Year right. I am ready to work with you, I am ready for another FABULOUS FYR year. Don't give up on yourself, your body rarely ever gives up on you except when you treat it wrong. Love yourself a little differently! Be the next FYR success story

Good things come to those who work hard, there are no free rides in life!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Food is Spiritual

There are certain things in life you wish you could wish upon those you love; like the day you found/understood/accepted the love of Christ, or how much different you feel being vegan, or happiness or peace of mind. But like political and social views one cannot do such things. Certain things can only be experienced and we are all at different points in this journey of life.

Nina and Savi

You wish you could recommend wonderful experiences like you recommend a favorite restaurant or a shoe or a dress because you know them and kinda' know they might enjoy it too. But food like most things is a spiritual thing and spiritual things are emotional things and emotional things are personal. At the end of the day you have to face yourself and hope you sleep well at night with the decisions you've made. You may be asking what this has to do with food but it has everything to do with food.

Our great dinner
We are our belief system. Our belief system controls how we act and react. What we eat, who we date and how we behave are all based on what we believe to be true. Your belief system can either make or break you because it determines your thoughts and your thoughts determine your words and action. Am I getting very philosophical? I hope so. If we want to be a well balanced people and stay Forever Young, all aspects of our lives have to be in harmony.

My beautiful friend Wanneh, her daughter Savi and our Nina

Sometimes starting a new lifestyle can be very scary and isolating but thank God for friends and family who understand and for great support from communities of people who are practicing the same lifestyle. Don't be surprised if you feel a little sad, almost like a separation anxiety, it is normal and it will pass. Nothing beats eating consciously, healthy and mostly raw; more greens,more nutrient dense and high water content foods--our bodies are made of over 70% of water. I was talking to my friend Alexa and we both agreed that the reason why people over-eat is because they are feeding their bodies empty, nutrient-deficient foods.

I remember back when I used to eat like a pig. I would find myself going to the fridge almost every hour to find something to eat. I felt like I was possessed, I couldn't stop eating and I couldn't feel satisfied with anything I ate, now I know why. When you eat mostly raw your body gets satisfied with even a single stuffed bell pepper and this is because you are giving your body the right nutrients it needs to function. If you looked at a SAD (oh, I love this so much. My favorite Acronym so far) person's plate, most of the times the only veggie is maybe a sprig of kale or parsley that was used to garnish the food.

Alexa's delicious Miso dressing
3 tsp white mellow miso
1 tsp Tahini
1 Tbsp freshly grated ginger
dash of black pepper
1.5 cup of olive oil
Then may be a little fruit bowl to have after the improperly combined food. To add fruit to this is a practice most of us learned from when we were little. Fruits should always be eaten on an empty stomach for proper digestion or 30 to 60 minutes after a meal (depending on what kind of meal it was, a flesh meal usually takes over 48 hours to digest at which time it has already begun o putrefy). When fruits get in contact with a meal it ferments (fermentation is an anaerobic conversion of sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol by yeast)

My Rick, Wanneh, Savi & our Nina
One thing that ties all men: Love.

My husband once said to me "Never change who you are. Never compromise who you are for anyone not even for me." At the core of each one of us there is a shinny person waiting to emerge. Somethings are very logical, some things are very true, some things are very basic and uncomplicated like eating right and eating to live. Live foods make for live people, dead foods make for dead or dying people. Let your food be as alive as you can have it be. There is a vast difference in the way you feel and view the world when you eat a more natural/raw diet. Spiritually there is also a vast difference. You cannot be at a certain level of spirituality with your body still haboring tons of toxins, we are all connected and I think what separates us--if we have to get down to the nitty-gritty-- has everything to do with they way we view food.

My Yummy Salad with Alexa's Miso Dressing

I still say one of my worst foods on the SAD list is milk. There are quite a few others on the list but Milk has been so glamorized--as long as a celebrity has a milk mustache it must be good for you--and popularized by all the big shots who control the money in the government. What difference is there from drinking a rat or a horse's milk? or even worse how controversial would it be to have lactating mums fill out gallons of their milk for sale by inducing them way past their lactating period? what is the difference from doing that to cows? I don't know about you but I love the green mustaches from my green smoothies better, plus it is environmentally friendly :-)

Raise your carrot juice and let's make a toast...CHEERS!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

RAW-mazing carrot Cake

...It tastes even better.

Here's your cake!
I apologize to all my un-raw friends and family but I have to say this is the best tasting carrot cake I have ever had! And even better, is the fact that I came up with this recipe in about 5 minutes. The whole time, I kept my fingers crossed hoping this will even taste like a cake, well, here it is my Raw-mazing carrot cake.

This morning I juiced another 5 LB bag of carrot juice and since Nina is always telling me to save the pulp for her salads I thought there had to be something more to do with carrot pulp. I know I can use it for salads and soups but it never occured to me that I could use the pulp for a cake, a carrot cake.

RAW-mazing Carrot Cake:

1 cup almond, finely ground (you can buy almond mill from the whole foods market)
1 Tbsp coconut shreds (unsweetened)
1/2 tsp nutmeg (the scent reminds me of my mother around Christmas time .hmmm)
1/4 tsp Cinnamon powder
3 mejool dates, pitted
2 Tbsp currants
pinch of ginger
1/4 + 1/4 cup carrot pulp (left over from juicing carrots, I'm sure you can use fresh carrots too)
1 Tbsp carrot juice
2 Tbsp agave nectar

Blend all in a food processor with an 'S' blade until it starts to stick together.


1/3 cup macadamia nuts
1/3 cup cashews
2 Tbsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 Tbsp agave nectar

Stay Blessed

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Natural Blood Transfusion

According to Dr. Ann Wigmore the consumption of chlorophyll (the green in plants) is like having a natural blood transfusion. Did you know that only one atom differentiates a molecule of Chlorophyll from a molecule of human blood? Makes you think huh?

Nina making some carrot juice.

Did you know that greens contain more vitamin A than carrots
- more vitamin C than oranges
- more vitamin E than whole wheat
- more vitamin B2 than milk
- more quality proteins (amino acids)

With the help of Victoria Boutenko's Green For Life green smoothies are pretty easy to make
You can drink your greens or eat your greens.

My favorite Mediterranean kale salad
Check the recipe on this site. You can add dried cranberries or even raisins to this. I love this so much that I eat this salad at least twice a week. I haven't met anyone who has tried it and not loved it, even the typical SAD (Standard American Diet) "I am a meat and potato person" will love this.

Give your body the fuel it deserves. Not eating enough greens is like filling the tank of your car with gravel.

Green is such a pretty color isn't it? Your body loves it even more. Three cups of green smoothies gives your body enough nourishment for a day.

Encourage your children to eat more greens. Nina's favorite thing to eat is fruits and vegetables.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rich Choconana Shake

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! yes, I am awake for sure:-) Today I had a rich choconana shake for breakfast. I was going to make some fresh almond mylk (stole this spelling from Alexa) and have it with my yummy G-raw-nola but then I decided to make this shake when I spied my fresh looking bananas. Thing is, I still have about 1 cup of almond mylk left...
This is so very delicious and rich, so rich that one of those glasses was enough. Nina came up with the idea of making these yummy Choconana squares with the remainder of the shake. We sprinkles it with some raw cacao nibs for visual and some crunchiness. If we choose we can always blend it again and make a shake, eat it as is, or simply let it thaw a bit to have it as ice cream, however we have it, it's going to be yummy-delicious.

So here's the recipe for my Cinnamon Almond Mylk:
2 cups of almonds, soaked overnight and rinsed
4 cups of water
1 tsp vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean
6 mejool dates, pitted
1 tsp ground cinnamon
Blend till liquefied and put mixture through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth to separate mylk from almond pulp. Makes a creamy rich mylk.

...and for the Rich Choconana Shake:
2 cups almond mylk
4 ripe bananas, frozen or fresh if you don't have frozen
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1 heaping Tbsp of raw cacao powder or carob powder
1 tsp coconut butter
Blend, pour into glasses and sprinkle with some raw unsweetened coconut shreds.