Tuesday, March 26, 2013


My very first time wearing RED-HOT-SEE-YOU-FROM-A-MILE-AWAY Lipstick

Rouge à Lèvres (Means 'Lipstick' in French, Featured in 'When a Woman Loves a Man')

We’ve never met, never shared a glance
but my world has become entangled in the wild of your hair
and like a seedling I thirst for your affection...
From a secret window, at a pocket of my heart
I watch the curve of your back
The ease with which each stroke creates the infinite colors of me, perhaps?
Caught in a web of seek and go hide I’m no longer mine, yours instead...
Another evening falls upon this boulevard
Another secret rendezvous
I must hurry, I must go to the one I long to kiss
To have our shadows cross again, that line when we become one…
And for a moment the scent of you all red with passion
paints a kiss like lipstick upon my lip.

 © 2009-2013 Bernice Angoh

The lady who was doing my make up said to me "I wish I had such beautiful, well-defined lips like yours, you have perfect lips." You know I was blushing after such a compliment, bright red...like my lips. Would I wear red lipstick on a regular basis? not sure about that, now, paying me to wear it is another story :-) I am usually a lip gloss kinda' girl, always been, always will be.

WHY I LIKE RED LIPSTICK: Fun to wear and it's bold.

Do you have a picture of you with red-hot lipstick on? If you'll like to be featured on this blog please forward your photo to bernice4fyr@gmail.com and you may be one of those chosen to feature here. Please include your name and why you like/wear red lipstick.

Driving back home: Hair-in-the-wind-crazy-woman (my daughter says)

I'd like to see this on canvas someday.

In My Orchid Mind (One of my favorite poems-- featured in 'When a Woman Loves a Man')

I thought to write a song for you today
as I sat by an old neroli brook
but it was all blues and reds, soft purples and pinks
colors that fade in comparison to you
In my head I had it all
the silent moments pregnant with vows
the moment I first met you
frozen into time and tucked away like amber lessons
the fragrance of youth, of summer nights
One wet slipper sneaking out the door
ten wetter kisses and a woman became a girl in the arms of a boy
your butterscotch lips melting my mimosa heart
You became the reason for every seasons treason
my viola cucullata
my papaver rhoeas
my gentiana verna
I wrote a bouquet for you today my boy
but when the trees and birds and winds
and paper and pen--anxious eavesdroppers
readied to taste of you
I selfishly saved it away in my orchid mind.

 © 2009-2013 Bernice Angoh

****                      ****                         ****                        ****

DRUM-ROLL PLEASE: Look who got featured in the #1 Bestselling Hair & Beauty magazine in the World! Yup, yours truly, you can't miss my BIG hair even if you tried :-)

Below is the original photo spotting my self-braided, original creation 'The Cleopatra'

1000 Suns from all of us @ FYR

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Friday, March 22, 2013


I posted a picture of my vegan peanut butter pie on my twitter and got the most retweets and favorites ever on any of my food tweets. This is for you especially @healthygirltip on twitter, enjoy and let me know which you liked best. I follow a few health enthusiasts on twitter and I find that we have these in common, first, we all love desserts, second, we all love vegan deserts and third we are all peanut butter lovers. I think for me peanut butter took second place once I discovered almond butter, but I won't discriminate on my first love, peanut butter dear....still love you :-)

Here are two versions of vegan peanut butter pie that every peanut butter fan will surely appreciate:

1. The Peanut Butter Addict's Vegan Pie

Btw, the new domain name is www.iamforeveryoung.com (easier to remember)

     1 pack firm tofu
     1/2 cup sugar (or 4 ripe bananas, mashed)
     1 cup peanut butter (or almond butter)
     2 Tbsp cacao powder (optional)
     1/4 cup soy milk
     1/2 tsp vanilla extract
     1/2 tsp lemon juice
     1 vegan pie crust (follow baking direction on pie crust box)

Put all ingredients (except the pie crust of course) into a food processor with an 'S' blend until smooth. Pour filling into pie crust and chill in the freezer covered for about an hour or until firm. Chill for about 15 minutes before serving.

2. Creamy Peanut Butter Pie

     1 8oz pack firm tofu (I use Nasoya brand)
     1 8oz Tofutti cream cheese
     2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
     1/2 tsp vanilla extract
     1 Tbsp ground flax seed + 1 Tbsp water
     6 Heaping Tbsp of peanut butter
     5 Tbsp of Blue agave nectar
     1  vegan chocolate pie crust (store-bought)

Blend all ingredients in a food processor with an 'S' blade until smooth. Pour mixture into the chocolate pie crust and bake for 15 minutes at 350 in the oven. Then freeze covered (with surround wrap or foil) for about 1 hour and then put in the fridge for another 45 -60 minutes or until firm. Serve with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and some peanut butter chips. Enjoy!

Quick Chocolate Sauce:

1 Tbsp coconut oil (melted)
1/2 Tbsp cacao powder
2 tsp agave nectar

Whisk all together in a cup and voila!
Nina and her third build-a-bear, Pinky
While the creamy peanut butter pie was setting in the fridge, I took my little wonder with me to the mall to BUILD-A-BEAR workshop and we got back just in time to enjoy our pie with a cup of green tea. When Ricky gets back from preschool I'm sure he will want his own bear, so I guess we'll be going back to the workshop soon enough, might even make my own bear, it is such a lovely atmosphere, what a brilliant idea!

1000 suns from all of us at FYR.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

17th Annual Women's Conference

God has been preparing me all my life for moments like these: It's amazing what starts to happen in your life when you completely abandon yourself to The LIGHT. I was paid to come speak at the Women of Joy 17th Annual Women's Conference in Pine Bluff, March 16th. I had a 30 minute speaking time and there were about 60 people who showed up. "I would like to invite you to come talk at our annual women's conference,   the theme this year is 'Beauty for Ashes' Isaiah 61:3." 'Beauty for Ashes', I thought how interesting, a topic I was very familiar with since time and time again I have witnessed God turn my ashes into beauty. I can't remember how that anointed phone conversation went but I remember agreeing and saying something like "I am humbled that you should think of me, thank you." I knew it was God appointing me, that out of the blue I should get such an invitation.

I had about two weeks to prepare and all I did was pray that God filled my lips with His words, that all Glory would go to Him and not me, I prayed, I waited, I listened. It wasn't until two days before the conference that I finally got inspired with the exact words that I would speak. An hour and a half  later I ended up with 15 pages worth of notes, words that even inspired me. I guess there's some truth in the saying "If you want to learn, teach."


April 6th: Capitol City 10k Race
May 19th: Book Signing (Location and time to be announced)
June 15th: Main Speaker, L.I.F.E Seminar (Location, time and more info to be announced)



Driving to Conference

"To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory."

The Lovely Marcia West

Our little Wonder

My lovely sister, Gege

My sister's attempt to capture the reactions of some of the ladies during my segment

Being led to my seat at the head table, as you can see Miss Nina was already getting comfortable with the microphone, oh boy!


Seated and waiting to be introduced

Little Miss never misses to bask in the spotlight

Program Booklet


Look what I saw walking in

I was set to speak for 30 minutes but ended up speaking for 45, why? that's what happens when there is 100% participation from the crowd, everyone wanted to a chance to answer the different questions I asked. A couple of people who answered correctly some key questions based on my lecture, went home with a copy of 'When a Woman Loves a Man' and everyone else (since everyone participated) ended up with a vegan treat courtesy of FYR.

Click the picture to purchase your own copy

The coolest part was listening to each person come up with a positive word about themselves based on the letter of the alphabet attached to their treat. I fed off their great energy as they fed off mine, an experience I will never forget. The feedback and the written comments that the ladies gave me was very heart-warming; words like "Inspiring", "Motivational", "Energetic", "Informative", "Beautiful", "Enlightening", "Encouraging", jumped from their comment cards over and over. It was definitely a LIGHT-LOVE filled day. I was invited back and I'm happily looking forward to enjoying their company once more. A special THANK YOU to Ms. Marcia West, Ms. Mary Poole, Ms. Ruby west,  Ms. Hazel Strain, Pastor C. Cook, Bishop M. L. Brown and everyone who showed up to make the conference such a success.

Next up the list is the Capitol City 10K race, who knows? I might just come first (fingers crossed). Last week I went shopping for more running gear (addicted to sports wear, it has always been the latest fashion trend for me). First thing tomorrow morning at 6am I continue to train, this time I will be running towards the lake. Running first thing in the morning, I'm usually one of the first people to greet the day as fresh crisp air feeds my lungs and keeps me uplifted throughout the day, will you join me in running?



3G MOM Cookbooks

Therra Weinberg representing the 3G MOMS at a conference in Maryland

MAUREEN LERMER (Determination)

Maureen Lermer Organizes International Merring Festival in Germany sponsored in part by the 3G MOMS

International Festival Merring, Germany, coming soon

Click image above to get your own copy of our 3G MOM Cookbook

Mom of two, Miranda Horchler, sending a (((((((SHOUT-OUT)))) from Dubai


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Oops did you say 34? But I'm 19!

Yesterday I did 10 miles in 60 minutes, a 1 mile improvement over time. My sister thinks I will outrun her during the upcoming race, I guess we'll see. Thanks sis for having that much confidence in me. Meanwhile, I keep staring at my running gear as if that will give it some kind of magical powers, but the real reason is because I am super excited, I want to amass as many medals as my younger sister :-)

Just last weekend she added yet another medal to her collection, this girl is unstoppable! Congratulations Alex's mama!

Georgette, after the race and showing off her medal.

Feel free to send me your pictures from a race you ran. Running is addictive isn't it? Here are a few benefits of running: 
  • Helps grow new brain cells and boosts memory
  • An outlet to assist in living a low stress life, improves attitude by releasing endorphins (natural high)
  • Strengthens the heart 
  • Calorie burner (duh! ) The best way to blast the most calories in a short amount of time.
  • Great joints and knees. Contrary to what people say about running hurting your knees, obese men and women have a higher risk of developing osteoarthritis than those who are leaner and fit (get great running shoes)
  • Prevents muscle and bone loss
  • Promotes Human Growth Hormone which some people pay for to look younger. It's flattering when people think I'm 23 (good genes and persistence when it comes to healthier choices)
  • Help disease-proof your life. Reduces risk of cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension and lowers blood pressure. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Live longer (well, all other great factors being equal)
Below is a picture of Bob Davidson, 70 years young

Bod Davidson, 70 years young

Ed Whitlock, 73, below, Canadian Athlete: First person ever over the age of 70 to finish a marathon in less than 3 hours, whew!

Ed Whitlock, 73 years young
Mann Kaur, 96 years young and not stopping

Mann Kaur of India, 96 years young,  says "Have feet, will run, have will, will triumph!"

Ida Keeling, 95 years young runner sets a running record (Running 60 meters in 29.86 seconds). She started running at age 67(It's never too late. What an inspiration!)

Ida Keeling

Nicholas Toocheck, 9 years young runner will attempt a marathon in Antartica for charity
Nicholas Toocheck, 9 years young

Fauja Singh, 100 year young Marathoner is the oldest person to finish a full-distance marathon. He made it into the Guinness Book of Records

Fauja Singh, 100 years young

Makes you want to pick up your running shoes and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (no pun intended) doesn't it? These are my training shoes, where are yours?



FILMMAKER and mother of two, Goretti, sending a SHOUT-OUT from London