Monday, May 13, 2013


...and then there was a Mother's love like no other, an example that has never been copied: Mary's love for her son Jesus.

To think that she  knew how it would all end, that she will conceive by the Holy Spirit and not her husband and risk suffering shame and ridicule, to know that her precious child whom she would come to love was going to be a living sacrifice for a group of people (humans) who will one day forget what He did, to know the pain and suffering that was to come and still say yes, yes to God, yes to be the vessel through which all will come to be, to say yes to losing her son on a cross, to say yes to the fact that He will truly not be hers in this world but will one day leave her side to complete His divine mission...May her love be an example to us all who have been blessed to be called mothers, may we teach and guide, may we love and protect and may we also remember that these gifts (children) should be offered/dedicated back to the ONE who gave us them.

~Bernice Angoh

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