Monday, October 17, 2011

Yvette Odom, Week 2

The week has flown by but not without great news. Remember I told you I will be giving you updates of Yvette's FYR journey? Okay drum roll please !!!!!!!! You will be happy to know that after 7 days on the FYR program Ms. Odom has dropped 5 pounds! I was very excited for her as we watched the scale go down, down, down :)

She is more motivated than ever and before I write down her struggles and triumphs from the past week, I want to add that she consciously works out every morning as well. We text each other every morning and then wake up to exercise. You can do that too, set a time to consciously wake up and exercise. The time Yvette and I decided is 6:00am every morning. As you know I have two kids including a one year old who wakes up at night but no matter how tired I am I still push myself to get up because I made a commitment to myself and I hate letting myself down. So if I can do it, you can do it too. Yvette is doing it and so can you! I know you can!


Week 1 recap
Multiple bathroom trips

Alkaline water, smaller meals, no skipped snacks, increased exercise & general activity in the morning

Increased energy, less stiffness, feel better during the day & better sleep at night

Other unexpected advantages
Feeling good all day & loss 5lbs the first week, nails & skin looks healthier already.

Next weeks goals
Lose 5-7lbs
Better food planning & organization
To increase flexibility during exercise

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My Raw-vegan apple pie

Raw-vegan apple pie

Recipe coming soon...


Monday, October 10, 2011

Yvette Odom, Week 1

FYR is about to do something we've never done before: I love working with people on a one on one basis. In the past we've gotten testimonies after the person has done the FYR-detox program but this is the first time I will be tracking/documenting the progress of a new FYR enthusiast. Meet Ms. Yvette Odom.

I have known Yvette for about 3 years now and she's been flirting with the idea of doing the program for sometime now. When we talked on the phone a few days ago she told me she was ready. This time I truly believed her because we all know that we usually only make that BIG decision when we are truly fed up. I am so very excited for Yvette and have no doubt that she will be as successful as she decides to be.

We started by charting her measurements and going through the food list found in the FYR e-Book. Then we both headed out to the local farmer's market so I could help her get the things she will need for her FYR journey. It was a blast shopping with her and picking up all her staples. We discussed key points , hints and many other important things that you will find in your FYR e-book (Yvette had already gotten her FYR e-books many months ago and has read it over and over in order to get the basics down). By the end of the our shopping experience we were both excited beyond belief. I love working with people especially someone as determined and enthusiastic as my friend Yvette.

Thank you Yvette for letting us document your journey and sharing your heart with us. I have no doubt that you will inspire so many people as you begin to LOVE YOURSELF A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY.

Here is a little interview I did with Yvette yesterday in preparation for her FYR journey (which starts today, October 10th).

ME: "Hi Yvette, howdy?"

YVETTE: "Hi Bernice, I'm doing great!" she giggled. She is a full-of-life, bubbly person and her laughter is infectious.

ME: "Can you tell us what is and has been your inspiration to undertake this journey?"

YVETTE: "I was and am inspired by a dear friend of mine (you). She is very disciplined and it shows very well. I see her success and how happy she is and I want to follow in her footsteps."

ME: "Well, thank you dear." I was smiling from ear to ear. What can I say, we were having a blast, yes, we had to control the laughter and concentrate on the interview, oh boy, is that hard!

ME: "Do you have any fears as you start the FYR program?"

YVETTE: "Yes, I fear that I won't do well. I know I will succeed to some degree which by the way my goal is to lose 133 pounds but most importantly I want to achieve optimum health. I want to avoid the stigma of my family background when it comes to diabetes and blood clots due to poor circulation. I know eating a healthier diet will alleviate these issues for me."

ME: "In the FYR ebooks I talk about the process of finding your 'Emotional Why' have you found yours?"

YVETTE: " I have always seen myself as someone with this inner style and personality but I don't think it reflects on my outside as much as it is inside. There is this girl in me that I know so well who is dying to come out of this outer shell. I want to have children, a family, I want to watch my children grow."

ME: "What are some tangible things that motivate you?"

YVETTE: "Janet Jackson. I don't necessarily want to be her size but growing up she has always being my role model for someone who openly portrayed a positive body image. She worked out and did it the way way. I want to do this the right and healthy way. I have been big all my life and I want to show people they can do it too. Most importantly I want to become my own role model."

ME: "Why did you choose FYR when there are many other programs out there that you could choose from."

YVETTE: "I don't want to feel guilty anymore of what I'm eating. FYR makes the most sense to me and is sincerely the very best option for what I want to attain with my health. I want my healthy looking skin back, healthy hair and energy back. FYR not only does it the right way but also the natural way. Plus I have you in my head and ear all the time, so I can't go wrong."

ME: "Don't forget to have a little fun and not take life too seriously while you're on the program, if at anytime you do deviate a little from the program, remember not to feel so disappointed that you abandon the program, just forgive yourself and get right back on board. But I know you can do this and I am so proud of you for making the best decision for your health.  With the Forever Young Revolution together we can encourage one another to love ourselves a little differently."

YVETTE's Weight Loss Goal: 133 pounds

Ms. Yvette Odom

"Our environment is our external metabolism."-- Dr. Max Gerson