Wednesday, August 21, 2013



He came a long way
from a place called Oregon
She, she was just a sweet girl
whose heart could use a little tarragon
to spice up the chase, whisk some embraces
they never knew, they never saw what we saw watching them
she, with her open HART
he, with his chocolate lines
Though masked by tears and shadowed with disappointments
she decided to FALL  FORWARD
for behind the scenes as she read the passages in her Bible
God himself chose to remind her in such a beautiful way
that your heart can plan all it wants but it's always God's will and purpose than wins
I'm certain  her HART, now full, sings songs without words
for this man she loves has a gift he'll forever now call
his HART's DESIRE.e 

Copyright © 2013 Bernice Angoh

Love this dress, is it for real?

Desiree Hartsock aka Chris's hart desire.e

If I had been betting for the winners of every 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' season, I sincerely will be a multimillionaire today. My friends and colleagues hate that I am always right, and I just don't guess right when there are only two contestants left, I usually can tell on the second time the show airs in its season. I am not a match maker, even though I did introduce two people over two decades ago and they are still together and have children now (it was just a stroke of luck, I guess). anyway, this is a first, I never blog about things like this but  this couple, I really, really like!

Anyway, if you are not familiar with the Bachelor or Bachelorette, it is a franchise that started many years ago with a goal of matching a Bachelor or a Bachelorette with  potential mates. Usually the Bachelorette has 25 men introduced to from the start. She starts to get to know each one of them and eliminates contestants until she is down to the final four. The Final four get to take her to see their family. Then she gets to take the final two to meet her family. If all goes well and feelings are mutual with the last man she picks she may or may not get a proposal. This all takes place within a time frame of three months during which they venture to the most beautiful parts of the world, a whirlwind of sorts, unrealistic? maybe, but it is good to know that  three marriages have come out of this and all still going strong with a few of them having babies. Trista (the very first Bachelorette) has been married to her firefighter hunk, Ryan, for over nine years now, they have two beautiful children.

This season's Desiree captured our hearts from her season with Sean (the Bachelor), I think maybe because she carried the hunger that most women want and need; a great companion who can love them like they've never been loved before. Desiree is a  gorgeous bridal stylist with an infectious smile, very humble, extremely sweet and a big dreamer, hmm, that sounds like yours truly, lol, she is also very creative and very smart. The very first day her season began I tweeted about my three favorites for her, they were Drew, Chris and Robert. Drew tugged at my heart with his story during his introduction and it didn't help that he was drop dead gorgeous.

Drew Kenney


Chris was the one who got down on one knee to tie his shoes, now Chris is extremely handsome as well, tall, dark with piercing eyes.

Chris Siegfried on one of his modeling shoots

Chris is a pro baseball player turned mortgage broker

Phew! hmm Chris, I meant to write

Well, two of my first picks Drew and Chris were part of the final three, not bad huh?

Desiree, too cute

Happy to say she ended up with Chris with whom she'd been writing poetry with all season. Their dates were richer and more at ease, seemed like everything just flowed. Their proposal was one of the best proposals in both Bachelor and Bachelorette history.

Gorgeous looking couple

Three months after the show was over :) 
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I wish Chris and Desiree all the best, never has a Bachelorette been so loved and I think and hope and pray that all the positive energy from those who support them overrides the negative, after all, all good things come from above, right Desiree?

I dedicate this song I wrote to both of you on your wedding day:

Let us Remember

As I look into your eyes
I remember how we first came to be
oh the memories, memories, memories
Sing of melodies, marvelous melodies
you met me and I saw you

Everywhere you go
Let me go with you
everything you see dear
let me see with your eyes
Everything you do my love
let me do it with the heart of you

When this cold world comes between us two
let’s remember to feel what we feel today
I’m your woman, your lady, your only girl
You’re my darling, my one true love, this I swear 
We are two yet we are one

Everywhere you go love
Let me not stand in your way
Everything you see in me
Let me see what you see
And everything you do my dear
I will do it too
we will do this one together
We will do all things together.

Copyright © 2013 Bernice Angoh

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I will be back soon with lots of great news and updates of all my projects and undertakings. Plenty amazing things to share...I AM SO BLESSED!

1000 SUNS from me and my Angels :-)


Friday, July 12, 2013


Hello, hello, hello! Anybody there? I haven't blogged for a while, and won't be posting as often as I used to but I thought I could do snap shots of the activities and recipes every now and then when I get a chance during my busy schedule. I've been on contract to finish my new manuscript in the next several months, I am excited beyond words to be working with an amazing publisher for this book. Where do I start? I hope you have been "FLYING LIKE AN HELICOPTER" lol. Okay so I have amazing musical children who come up with songs and melodies to die for. Nina, 10, has been composing a lot lately and so my son, 2, who has been watching her, decides he wants to be a songwriter too; we are all in bed one night when he stares at the ceiling fan and  goes "I'm flying like an helicopter, helicopter, helicopter, flying high, high, high". Nina and I took those lines and ran with it, the melody and lyrics are so beautiful we decided to write a song, someday, maybe, you will hear it on Nina's album.

The summer has been busy and event-FULL. Hope and pray you all have been healthy and productive. Here are  a few random pictures from the JOY-filled whirlwind.

My brand new 2013 Honda-baby: Named her 'Ista', meaning 'Favored' in Hindi

Getting ready for show

Happy 10th Birthday, Nina

Almost 3 years old, Ricky

3rd Race in 4 months. The hill slowed me down.

Starting Training for my half marathon in October, can't wait to add the sticker to the back of my car: Bragging? heck yeah!

You are everything of me
That was stolen when I was a little girl your age;
 Opinionated, assertive, extroverted, bold, confident, bubbly, happy...
 I remember looking at you for the first time and thinking "My God! What a beautiful child, is she really mine?"
And then when at 3yrs old, you started to tell me stories of you and 
that was when I knew, ANGEL of mine,
That you left 
#heaven especially to be by my side.
© 2013 by Bernice Angoh
Happy 10th Birthday my 

Color Me Rad 5K, only the most fun race ever!!!

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie


12oz tofutti sour cream
12 oz tofutti cream cheese
1 cup tofu
7 Tbsp blue agave
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
5 Tbsp soy milk (vanilla flavored)
4 Tbsp cacao powder (Hershey's 100% pure unsweetened)
2 Tbsp coconut oil (melted)
1 Tbsp lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
5 slices of dried mango
1 vegan pie crust


Mix all the ingredients, except the pie crust, in a food processor with an 'S' blade and blend until smooth. Pour into pie crust and place in refrigerator for 1-2 hours until firm. Enjoy!

A Nina Lakota recipe/creation

One of my models, Nani

These girls killed the runway! I was mighty proud

Goofing backstage, before the show

Gege, sister of mine

A Nina Lakota recipe/creation

Proud Moment

Nina's handmade jewelry, coming next Spring to

Nina's handmade jewelry, coming next Spring to

Nina's handmade jewelry, coming next Spring to

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❤ My Love 

Out of the ashes of my life You've created glitters for my crown
From the litter of my broken heart(s) You've painted me a masterful mosaic
with You to lose is to gain
to surrender is to win
A love that I, the poet, the word-weaver, cannot explain
consumed and on FIRE
so overwhelmed that the weight of it all throws me to my knees
and only on my knees do I ever find these words to be true
only on my knees do these words ever find an escape
"I Love You"-- my Lord, my God, my All

© 2013 by Bernice Angoh