Saturday, January 22, 2011


It just makes sense that the youngest member of FYR™, my partner and long time FYR™ enthusiast, Nina Lakota, should be the official face of FYR™, not because she is my daughter but because she personifies everything FYR™ stands for, youth, health and sheer joy. She even puts me to shame when I start to 'fall off the wagon' on my FYR™ journey:

"Oh, Mama, you know you're not supposed to eat that!", 
"That's just unhealthy!" 
"You can do it Mama, you promised yourself you would exercise today, come on, don't let yourself down." 
"I can't wait to do raw food again, and all those raw desserts, yum!" 
"Your form is off Mama, you're not doing it like the girl on the workout tape, squat lower..." 
"Mummy, I don't want eggs or meat, I want a salad, something fresh and healthy..." she goes on and on and on. Not that we don't splurge occasionally, we do, but when I'm on one of my quarterly detox periods, and I have to stick to the plan, she watches me with eagle eyes "I just want you to be successful at what you do," is what she tells me.

So I asked her a few days ago if she would like to be the Official face of FYR™ and she said yes, that is, after she asked "Will I get paid to do that?" LOL well, yes Ms. Nina, of course, and you can add that to your resume or portfolio too. Little Ms. Entrepreneur!

This got me thinking that we need more young and beautiful faces for this campaign. So FYR™ is conducting a search for 'little' faces to add to our site and eBooks, we need many more FYR Kids™.

Nina came up with some great recipes for her own FYR™ kids dessert Book, yes, this one will be in Print not just an eBook, and we are throwing a 'Mommy & Me for FYR™'  and/or 'Daddy & Me for FYR™' challenge to every parent. The idea is to come up with a simple dessert (ingredients have to match those on the FYR™ approved list, so you have to purchase the FYR™ Lifestyle eBook, The 90-Day Companion may also give you some great ideas). The best recipes (creativity and presentation) will be featured in the FYR™ Kids Dessert book, along with bios and photos. Also, Mom/Dad and child must be spotted with any of the FYR™ gears in their entry photo (mug, apron, t-shirt etc) you can get these from the FYR™ Shop at

I am excited to see new FYR kids™ faces. This challenge runs till June 1st and winners will be announced June 15th (along with the winners of the 90-day challenge) and will be notified when the Book is published. Remember to drink and eat to your health, you'll thank me later!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is it possible that our bodies could have a memory of their own?

4 Months after my 2nd child can you spy my 4.5 packs? :-O

4 Months after 2nd child
The human body is simply AMAZING, is it any doubt that even through years of constantly abusing it, it can still forgive us once we start treating it with care? Imagine how much harder it would be for us to lose weight or be healthy again if we had unforgiving bodies. Maybe we should all learn a thing or two from our bodies, I know I have.

Do you know that our bodies have memory cells? I know this for sure because twice after having both my babies, it 'remembered' what I used to be like before I packed on the pregnancy weight. I have always loved working out and I know with the law of reciprocity, my workouts have loved me back :-). With my second pregnancy I put on more weight than the first and still unbelievably returned to my pre-pregnancy weight faster (mind you, I'm still breastfeeding, so I still eat well enough to produce milk for my baby).  Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that if you 'remember' your body, your body will 'remember' you. I consciously made an effort to be in good shape before both my children, but with the second child I was even more dedicated, if you can remember my 60-day raw food journey from last year (I 'remembered' my body) and my body 'remembered' me as soon as I started eating healthier (FYRApproved foods) and working out. Could it be as simple as that? You bet! It definitely got me thinking for sure. And if you didn't 'remember' your body before, it still will love you once you start to 'love' it, cool huh? Anyway, I am super excited to share with you the upcoming FYR eBooks. This new year, I got so many emails from so many people asking me how to get back in shape. And so I decided to put everything into a series of eBooks that you can soon purchase. Here are the first few titles soon to be released:
1) The Forever Young Revolution--"I just love myself a little differently." (Basically tells you about the  FYR lifestyle, provides you with a shopping list of FYR approved foods, and a detailed 21-day detox menu and recipes for every meal of every of the 21 days, plus a whole lot more you wouldn't want to miss)
2) FYR 90-Day Superstar Challenge Companion-- 90 motivational Quotes, 30 Juice and Smoothie recipes and 10 Great Reasons Why You Should Take the Challenge (This is your conscience and me as your coach in words, a detailed breakdown of every day for 90 days of your challenge, great motivational quotes from a few of the greats and yours truly and a bonus star-studded FYR Superstar menu for the star in you. Recommended in conjunction with the first eBook above)
3) FYR Deserts--Melt away the pounds with every sweet and delicious bite (Just like its title states, you will eat as much deserts as you want and still watch the number on the scale descend. This is the one time when you can eat your cake and have it too!)
I encourage everyone of you to join me in making this year, 2011, the most fabulous one yet. Join the Challenge and see what stuff you're made of. Let's DO IT!!!

The Youngest FYR Revolutionist, my daughter, Nina.

I will continue to keep you updated. I must go now but I'll be back soon...
Remember to eat and drink to your health, you'll thank me later!